Scope of Work

To design structures that have minimum
  impact on the ecology
To create self-sustainable models or units
To construct eco-friendly built environment
To create awareness about green buildings

Our Services
Passive solar or climate sensitive design
Total water management including water
  harvesting and recycling
Solid waste management
Consultancy related to environmental law
Application of renewable energy services
Energy audit & management
Ecotourism planning
Environment Management Plan

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a blueprint to protect and conserve the environment in the long run, as well as to reduce the increasing burden on the infrastructure in urban and rural areas. It is case-specific, but provides a holistic approach that can be applied on a larger scale to existing and proposed developments for sustainable development. The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is in accordance with the Environment Impact Assessment Notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, 1994.

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